A new generation

This past Saturday the sanctuary of the Covenant Church in El Bagre was filled with adolescents. This has become the norm on Saturdays where 47 adolescents come together to participate in a program offered by Nueva Generación that equips churches with materials and training for leaders to minister to Jr. High age students. The program started earlier this year and the students have been studying together what it means to be agents of peace. They finished this particular theme with more students than they began with and are now starting another module which focuses on discipleship and living an abundant life in Christ. Word of the ministry has continued to spread in the community and there are more youth that want to participate. It is likely that they will open up another group for at least another 30 students who want to learn what it means to engage in peace. These kids could choose to be anywhere on a Saturday afternoon, and for many who don’t have a background attending a church this seems like an unlikely place, but it is where they want to be.

The church has been a pilot church for this program and other churches are asking to be trained as to how to begin similar ministries. In a small city where gang violence, drugs, and delinquency are common, people are encouraged by what they see happening. In the upcoming week 10 leaders from the Covenant Church will participate in a training offered by Nueva Generación and will serve to help other churches get started with the youth in their community. On Sunday morning when Julio arrived to preach the first people at the church were at least 20 youth, many of whom who have started participating in the church as a result of this ministry.

Pray for the Covenant Church in El Bagre and for the leaders of this valuable ministry. Pray for the youth as they interact with God’s word and experience life in Christian community.

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