We often get the question, “What does a typical day or week look like for you?” With which we typically answer, “There isn’t a typical day or week.” So much depends on what is on our schedule for that month, what ministries we are participating in, what travel we have or what visitors we are receiving. This past week has been one of preparations. We are making preparations for the various teachings that we will be giving in the upcoming week. Katie is working on planning a workshop for this weekend that will be given at the regional women’s retreat. Julio is working on a class he will be teaching this weekend as part of the training of local lay leaders, as well as on his homework for his Master’s classes. Katie is also preparing for a meeting with children’s ministry leaders and a day-long workshop for children’s ministry leaders that will be held next weekend in Barranquilla. Part of the preparations include getting copies made, finding supplies at the local “papeleria” (paper store), gathering materials, creating power points, praying, and setting up the logistics for Katie’s trip and stay in Barranquilla (in the midst of a pilot’s strike). We’ve also been a part of fruitful meetings this week, including a meeting with our staff and another with women’s ministry leaders and the national women’s ministries president. Julio had an all day class for his master’s program on Saturday and then went to the Fuente de Salvacion Covenant Church to continue with the biblical training of lay leaders. So that’s what this week looked like. Next week will probably look a little similar and different at the same time.

The group of students from Fuente de Salvacion church

Engaged in learning

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