Mondays have become a special day of the week. Twice a month I, Katie, am able to accompany a group from Shalom Covenant Church up the mountain to a community where they have been serving for 3 years now. The church has established a relationship with the leaders in the community and has responded┬áto their invitation to help serve some of the most vulnerable in the community – the elderly, the children, and women who are pregnant or nursing. Every other Monday we are meeting with a group pf 20-30 moms who have expressed a desire to learn more about how to take care of themselves and their newborns, how to do different crafts and artisan products that they could sell, and who have found in this group a support system.

Each week allows me to get to know the women and hear their stories. I’ve had the privilege of praying with them and leading them in devotionals. I’ve held their newborn babies and have cried at hearing the discouraging situations they sometimes find themselves in. There are stories of overcoming adversity and there are stories of the very real struggles with hunger and with providing for their children. I count it a privilege to know them and support them in very small ways, like holding a baby girl last week so the mom had her hands free to do the craft they were learning. Pray for this group of women that they would continue to grow as a support system for each other and that we would be able to continue to accompany them and find opportunities for personal and professional development. Praise God for the teachers who have offered their skills and taught some basic sewing, as well as how to make bags and purses. Praise God for the women who are making and selling chocolate and jewelry. Praise God for those who have found employment. Praise God for three new healthy babies born this month.

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