A day trip

Holy Week is an important week in Colombia. Schools are on vacation, many businesses close for the later part of the week, and many people travel and take time to be with family. After Julio returned from traveling and teaching this past weekend we decided to do a day trip to a small town we’d always wanted to visit. It’s about a 2.5 hour trip from where we live as you have to wind your way through valleys and mountains (thank goodness for anti-nausea medicine). It was a bit of a cloudy day, but the scenery was still breath-taking. After winding up and up and up the mountain we arrived in the small town of Jerico. It is know for the saint Mother Laura who has a sanctuary and her childhood home that you can visit there. The town is nestled into the mountain and the painted colors of the doors, window frames and balconies is so inviting and cheerful. We spent the morning walking around town and then going up to the hill of “The Savior” where there is a statue that overlooks the town. From on top of the hill we had panoramic views of the surrounding hillsides. There was a little gondola that we took up even higher to a natural forest. It was a great day of exploring together as a family and seeing yet more of Colombia’s natural beauty.

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