Let’s speak English

This weekend I, Katie, was in a meeting that was conducted primarily in English. It was with a group of young adults who are helping to organize this summer’s English Camp. English is becoming a tool that many people need to have in order to graduate college, find a job, be competitive in the work force. Education and learning a second language open doors. Over and over again people ask us if we teach English classes. There is such a desire and a need to learn the language. And yet people are also very wary of speaking English. There is a fear of sounding silly or making a mistake. That’s why we want to provide non-threatening environments for people to interact with the language. So this summer we are hosting our second English camp, open to people ages 17 and over. Last year we had an English camp that was organized by a supporting church in California and it was a huge hit. This year we are hoping to over double the participation and the camp will be led by a team of churches from California and Minnesota, as well as a team of Colombians. Please pray with us as we¬†plan and prepare for this week of learning language in a non-threatening environment, where God’s love is shown in our words and actions.

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