Road trip

During one of the weekends in October, Julio had the opportunity to travel by car to Monteria, La Ye, San Carlos and El Hato, accompanied by two friends and partners in ministry – Henry and Johnatan. The drive all the way out to San Carlos is about 10 hours from Medellin. In San Carlos they had the opportunity to meet with the group of adults who are studying in the Covenant’s Biblical studies program and who meet once a month with Julio. This is a group that is hungry to get into God’s word and looks forward to the opportunity to dialogue together in order to interpret and apply God’s word to their lives. Henry also was asked to preach in San Carlos on Sunday morning.

On the road

On the road

On Saturday night the men were able to be a part of a youth leader’s training meeting that was held in the small town of El Hato. Over 20 youth leaders gathered from the various cities to share what they have been learning. In groups they each had a turn to lead a part of the meeting and teaching times.  Praise God for this group of young people, their heart for God, their passion for working with youth, and their commitment to unity within the church. They were up until 2am talking, laughing, and sharing experiences. On Sunday morning, after only a few hours of sleep, Johnatan helped lead the church in singing and worship and Julio preached.

IMG_4364 IMG_4366

Praise God for the opportunity to work and serve in a team of highly trained mean and women who serve with their gifts and passion.

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