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This month Julio had the opportunity to participate in a “Experiences Exchange” with the Covenant’s Human Rights Ministry held in the city of Cartagena. Human Rights volunteers came together with organizers, teachers, and workshop leaders for a time of learning, sharing, and serving. In collaboration with the Human Rights ministry, this past quarter Julio had the privilege of facilitating an online course “The Holistic Mission of the Church,”which included students from around Colombia. These students came together with the volunteers in Cartagena for follow-up sessions, as well as an opportunity to hear how the different human rights committees are working in each region. This ministry includes a focus on issues of domestic abuse (AVA), children’s education, ministering to women who come out of prostitution, and working with various at-risk populations. It is encouraging to see the church serving its community in a holistic way. The social issues and problems in Colombia are complex and the church needs to be a people that speaks into this and lives the values of the kingdom of God in the flesh. Participants in this conference had the opportunity to visit a community of displaced people living within one of the poorest neighborhoods of Cartagena. There they had the opportunity to work with children and adults in a variety of ways. Please continue to pray for these volunteers, these churches that are reaching out to the vulnerable and are living out the call to love mercy and do justice.


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