The children set the example

I just had to share a special moment we witnessed this morning at Casa de Vida, a new Covenant Church plant. One of the young men in the congregation had just graduated from the university this weekend. That is a huge accomplishment and motive for celebration here in Colombia. Getting into college is not easy; private universities are very expensive and the public ones are very competitive. And finishing is also challenging as sometimes there are strikes, which means breaks in the semesters. But, after 6 years David received his diploma.

As part of the celebration, the children in the congregation made cards and pictures for David. They all lined up with huge smiles on their faces just waiting for their turn to hug their friend and congratulate him. What an example this young man is for these children, and what an example these children are for the congregation. How great it is to be able to celebrate with one another the good things God has done in our lives. Our prayer is that the church would continue to be this intergenerational community where we love, support, encourage, and walk the journey with each other.

IMG_2891 IMG_2892 jose and kids

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