A challenge

Some people may ask, why have you chosen to serve in Colombia?

  • This week a young woman who is in our small group approached me, Katie, and asked for prayer as she is struggling with her faith in the midst of a family crisis. We were able to pray together and this week we’ve had numerous conversations about God’s love and presence in her life.
  • At the end of the month Julio returned to El Hato to meet with the 20+ youth and adults who are involved in the leadership training program and are studying the life of Christ. Among these is a very bright 13 year old girl who can’t get enough of the Bible and a small group of youth that have started their own micro business selling fast-food on the weekends.

These are the reasons we love serving in Colombia. We love walking with people on their faith journeys and we are encouraged by how we see God moving here.

We look forward to what the coming months and new year will bring. We do have a challenge before us going into 2014. In order to keep ministering effectively and grow for the future, we need to increase our support by $1000/month. If you are not already a part of our support team, please consider supporting us with a one-time (yearly) donation or a monthly contribution (for example, $25, $50 or $100/month). All it takes is 20 new partners at $50/month to reach our goal. Thank you for prayerfully considering this challenge.

We are encouraged by the people and churches who have responded! Without your financial support we would not be serving in Colombia. We have so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

We also encourage you on this “Giving Tuesday” to consider supporting one of the valuable Colombian Covenant projects. Be a part of God’s kingdom work in Colombia!

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