Celebrating Christmas

One of the highlights of our year last year, which we decided to repeat this year, was a cafe concierto (think coffee house concert) with singer song-writer Santiago Benavides. It was one of the ways to celebrate another year together with our core group, as well as invite friends to hear the gospel message proclaimed through song. We were excited to have some of our neighbors and other friends join us for this special night.

An evening of music

An evening of music

A group of us made appetizers and desserts beforehand and got our living room/dining room ready with candles and Christmas lights. About 20 people came and once again we delighted in the music. Santiago is a gifted musician (check him out on iTunes) and pastor who so effortlessly shares his talents, while always giving glory to God. It was a memorable evening and we enjoyed the time together to celebrate Christmas and the gift of God’s son.

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