A breath of fresh air

After 15 days of being sick, I’m savoring every minute I have to get out and enjoy the beauty around me. The other night the boys and I drove to the airport to pick up Julio who had been on the coast visiting churches. We took advantage of the absolutely perfect evening to stop at our favorite restaurant. This restaurant is huge and has a huge outdoor area, which is a huge plus with two little boys who have lots of energy. So, as the kids chased Julio around I just savored the beauty around me. The color of the flowers, trees, the taste of the mora juice, etc. It was a reminder that I need to just take a few minutes out of each day to breathe. Life gets so busy and as the mom of two little boys there are rarely quiet moments, but even so, I need to breathe in God’s love and beauty around me.


Seriously beautiful place


The colors are so intense


Yummy, yummy food!

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2 thoughts on “A breath of fresh air

  1. Josh, I used my simple canon and one of the effect modes because it was getting dark, but even then the camera could not capture the intensity of the color. I am serious when I say that the picture didn’t do it justice.

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