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One of the prayers in the Bible that I, Julio,  love is the one Jesus prayed when he taught his disciples how to pray to the father.  My favorite part is when he says “…your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven…” (Matt. 6:10). This petition of Jesus for me shows that he wants the way life that is lived in heaven to be lived out on earth. Jesus wants the kingdom of justice, peace and joy that is real in heaven be real on earth as well.

This past week I had the opportunity to travel alongside two Norwegian missionaries to the Colombian north coast to visit pastors, churches and social projects. The goal of our trip was to listen to the pastors and leaders of the different congregations and to encourage them in their work, especially in the area of church planting.  During to trip we were able to spend time with pastors talking about working together in order to plant new churches in new areas with the purpose of showing God’s kingdom in visible  and tangibles ways.

We visited churches in big cities, small towns and in the countryside.  Each one of the pastors, leaders and members of those churches are working hard in order that the people around them would see God’s kingdom among them. These churches not only preach the Gospel by word, but they seek to share God’s love through different ministries of compassion, mercy, and justice. One of the ways that churches in Barranquilla are living out the gospel is through a soccer ministry called Seamos Parces that reaches out to at-risk youth and children living in very poor areas. The children come together once a week for soccer practice, as well as learning about values and God’s love.


Seamos Parces practice


A meeting with Pastor Porfilio to plan a new feeding program for children in the community

Partnering with the Covenant Church in Colombian in making Jesus’ prayer real is one of my passions and what I most enjoy about being in Colombia. I ask you to pray for the people in Colombia, especially for a group of young professionals in different parts of Colombia who are passionate for Jesus and for social justice in a country that is full of injustice. Pray that God would give us wisdom to work together in order to share the good news of Jesus in holistic ways to the whole society in Colombia.

Young adults from various parts of Colombia came together in October for dialogue and encouragement.

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