Catching up

Hello…were you wondering if we’d fallen off the face of the earth? Nope, we’re still here, it’s just been an interesting couple of weeks. Let us catch you up.

Katie and Sam spent two weeks in the USA at the beginning of January. Katie was taking a week-long intensive course at North Park Theological Seminary and Sam was having a week to catch up with his friends. We enjoyed seeing so many dear friends in Chicago and even made it downtown on the El to visit the John Hancock. It brought back so many memories…I must admit it was hard not to tear-up. Sam soaked it all up, visiting places that were so special to him and spending time with his buddies. We ate all the foods we’ve been missing – quiche at Tre Kronor, Pad Thai, pita bread and hummus, Chicago-style pizza. It was a great week. From there we got to spend a few days in MN with my family. Sam was ready for the snow and excited to make a snowman. I was just looking forward to having someone to play with Sam so I could get a little rest. The time was too short and of course we didn’t get to spend time with everyone we wanted to, but still, it was worth it. Time with my family was precious and more memories were made.


So excited to ride the train


While Sam and I were up north in the cold, Julio and Ben were visiting his parents down towards the coast. They live in a small city where it’s pretty much between 85-95 degrees each day. Ben had a blast…there was so much to explore: rocks, sticks, chasing chickens, etc. They had a wonderful few days catching up with family, visiting Julio’s hometown and enjoying the warm weather. Julio also was able to visit some pastors and leaders in the nearby towns, which was a highlight for him.


Exploring and loving the open space


While it was great to get back to Colombia, only a few days back and I was hit with a terrible virus – fever, chills, aches, sweating, fatigue. After 10 days of on-off again fever I went to the doctor for tests. Everything came back normal, but I had an infection to treat. So…after 10 days on antibiotics I’m happy to say I’m starting to feel myself again. It has been a lonnnnnnnngggggggg two weeks of being in bed, not having energy to do anything, thinking about all the things I had hoped to do once back in Colombia, etc. Julio took on the role of dad and mom, while attending meetings, hosting visitors, etc. So, that is why there has been very little action on this blog. We are serious when we ask you to keep our health in your prayers. Thank you for your prayers, for your encouragement, and your interest in our lives and ministry in Colombia!

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