Serving in La Ye

La Ye is a small town in the inland coastal region of Colombia. It would be about a 10 hour car ride from Medellin, or you take a plane to the city of Monteria and from there drive 45 min. to La Ye. The Covenant Church “Iglesia la ayuda de Dios” serves the local community and the pastor and her family serve the church with selfless sacrifice. When Julio asked her what salary she receives from the church, she responded $25 a month. La Ye has become one of Julio’s favorite places to visit and so he jumped at the chance to accompany a team from First Covenant Sacramento that was going to work on putting up a roof. This team of men has been coming for the past few consecutive years to serve alongside the congregation as they seek to make their meeting space more adequate.

Julio and Gary Sander with the team from First Covenant Sacramento


La Ye is not an easy place to do manual labor, as it is very hot and humid, but this team of people joyfully served alongside their Colombian brothers and sisters to get everything in place for the roof to go up. They were able to make progress, despite the fact that electricity went out one day and another day materials weren’t ready. It was a huge source of encouragement and tangible support to have these men present. The congregation will continue the labor of getting the roof in place and hope to have everything set in place by the middle of December. What a day of celebration that will be.


Working hard on getting the structure for the roof ready


Lots of work to be done!


Taking a break


In addition to the construction project they assisted in, the team also brought down hundreds of eye glasses and was able to host an eye glasses drive for the community. People who never could have afforded eye glasses, were given a pair of glasses. Julio was able to translate for those getting and giving the glasses and has some wonderful stories to share. It was awesome to see how the church is so involved in it’s community and Julio and the team were actually able to meet with some of the town and school officials to talk about other ways that we can partner together.


People at the church, waiting for the eye glasses brigade


Julio translating for the people who came to receive glasses

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