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From the time I was a little girl I remember that I loved teaching. I would set up school in my bedroom, get out worksheets, grade papers, etc. Not sure why I didn’t chose to study to be a teacher…maybe some day. Still, it’s a gift I have and one of the things I’m most comfortable doing. There have been a lot of opportunities to teach here in Colombia, both in small group settings as well as in church settings. Last week I was asked to teach during a worship service at Shalom Covenant Church. I was very excited to get to share about how the Covenant church is serving around the globe. It ended up being a very long service, so I didn’t get up to teach until 2 hours into it (yep you read that right), add to that the fact that Benjamin ended up coming up on stage and running around behind me and it made for an interesting experience. Still, I was grateful for the opportunity to teach, to share about how God is at work in the world and the various ways we are partnering in that work.


Focus of the month was on mission


Sharing about Covenant World Mission


Notice who’s in the background



Julio also is a gifted teacher and had the opportunity to teach during a morning session at the regional youth retreat. He talked about the role of youth, and what it means to be transformed by God and transform the community and culture around us. What an awesome group of youth with passion, gifts, desire to learn and grow, knowledge, etc.


Youth retreat


Julio during the teaching time

Pray for Julio who will be traveling to Bogota this weekend and teaching during the training for volunteers that serve in the area of Human Rights and Advocacy for Victims of abuse.

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