This has been a busy couple of months – lots of ministry, visitors, etc. It’s been hard to find some quiet time to reflect on all that’s going on. So, this past week I was blessed with the opportunity to get away for 24 hours to the coast. Thanks to very cheap tickets and a free place to stay, I was able to travel to Cartagena for a little R & R. I went with two friends and we spent some time wandering around and exploring the walled city (you have to visit here) and spent a lot of time by the ocean. I could not get enough of the water and waves. It is so life-giving for me to be by water. I miss water! Growing up in Minnesota and living in Chicago there was always a lake nearby and I would go often. No lakes in Medellin. So, I tried to soak it in as much as possible. While there I was reading through Joshua and Judges as part of my Old Testament class. The word that kept ringing through my head was “remember.” Remember God’s goodness. Remember God’s faithfulness. Remember who God is and what God’s done. Remember these moments in God’s presence. Remember. Here are some pictures I took to help me remember.


No words needed


View at sunset


love this city!


You have to visit this place!


On the walls…built hundreds of years ago by the Spaniards


Perfect spot to enjoy the evening

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