It has been pretty busy around here to say the least! I’m not ready to face the fact that June is almost over and July is just around the corner. Here is a bit of what we’ve been up to the past week or so.

Our wonderful friend, Karen, visited from Chicago. Karen grew up in Mexico (daughter of missionaries) and became a good friend the years we lived in Chicago. Sam and Ben both loved spending time with her so it was a special gift to have her with us for a week in Medellin. She participated in some of our ministry activities and we also enjoyed time to visit some of the sites. We did a day trip to an area about 1 1/2 hours out of Medellin, called El Peñol. It’s beautiful countryside and lakes make for a great escape from the city. There is a huge rock that you can climb (659 stairs to the top). We did it with both kids! Sam climbed up the whole way by himself…while Julio and I took turns carrying Ben. It was an awesome experience. For me it was wonderful to have a friend to talk with, to share about the things I’m going through as I adjust to life in a new country. It was really a God thing!


With Karen and downtown Medellin in the background


The rock we climbed...659 stairs


Look at Sam go!!


A view from the top of the rock


As Karen left, so did Julio for a week long trip to the coast. A work team from Bayside Church in Sacramento is visiting and Julio accompanied part of the team to Monteria where they are doing manual labor, as well as some teaching in the churches. This is one of Julio’s favorite places to visit and several of the team members have visited before so they are loving their time together. I have been here in Medellin taking care of the boys and participating in some of the activities with the other members of the Bayside team. I was able to accompany them as we visited two important micro businesses that have been started by women here in the city (more to come in another blog) and then they came and helped out in our English conversation group. What a fun night! It gave the students more one on one time with a native English speaker…to practice asking and answering questions. It was also an opportunity for them to interact with believers from another culture and ask questions like, “Why would you come to Colombia?”  These are such important times of interaction and sharing.


Helping to dig holes for the new church building


English conversation club with the women from Bayside

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