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One of the major areas of need here in Colombia is helping, coaching, enabling people who want to begin micro businesses. We have seen too many people who are unable to find work, too many people who struggle daily to put food on the table. We are encouraged by the various micro businesses that have been started by individuals, members of various Covenant churches in different cities throughout Colombia. But, we know it needs to happen more. Please pray with us as we seek to find ways to walk alongside our brothers and sisters in this important area of need.

This week I had the privilege of visiting two such micro businesses here in Itagui, a municipality adjacent to Medellin. One of the businesses I visited with a work team was a chocolate factory that has been started by a husband and wife. The wife, Claudia, had a dream to begin a family business and they both began to pray about it and God led them to the idea of working with chocolate, as her husband had experience in this area. Claudia, has an amazing testimony, as someone who was working as a prostitute at a very young age. God has turned her life around and blessed her with a wonderful family and now a thriving business, appropriately named “Emanuel” (God with us). They have just expanded the business and have been able to make their facilities bigger as they make different types of delicious chocolate that are then distributed to stores, etc. Praise God they are able to employ up to 12 people.


Making chocolate candy bars


Packaging the chocolates


The final product - delicious!


We were also able to visit Jenny, who owns a hair salon and has a ministry with women who want to leave prostitution and gain skills which will enable them to get dependable jobs. She trains them in hair styling, make-up, manicures and pedicures. It’s an amazing testimony to God’s provision and care. Praise God for these ministries and micro businesses which are truly transforming lives.

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