Family Time

These past two weeks we’ve had some much needed family time and an added bonus is that my parents were here to share it with us. It’s easy to get caught up in meetings, ministry, the daily grind and we’ve been recognizing the need to really savor being together as a family. It was so great to have my parents with us and share our life in Colombia with them. So many memories were made.


A day away! Enjoying a paddle boat ride


Sam absolutely loved having his grandparents walk him to school, take him to the pool, and put together puzzles with him. It was great for us to spend time talking, sharing, eating, exploring together. They were great sports about participating in our English conversation groups and watching the boys when we had various ministry responsibilities to attend to.


English conversation group involved making caramel rolls


We got to take them to church and even out of the city and to a small town in the countryside. Like I said, lots of memories. At the end of their time here, Julio’s parents joined us too, which was a huge blessing. Our parents haven’t been together since our wedding 8 years ago. Thank you God for families. Saying goodbye is always difficult. Not getting to spend consistent, regular time together is difficult, but we’re thankful for the time we do get!


Walking across the suspension bridge in Santa Fe de Antioquia


A rare opportunity to have both sets of parents together

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