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It is easy to get so busy and forget to stop what I’m doing and spend some time reflecting on what God is doing in and around me. This week I’ve especially enjoyed my walks in the morning as I take Sam to preschool. The walk home alone has been a good time of solitude to simply listen and look. There is so much natural beauty around me – the mountains, the trees, plants, flowers. The other day I walked by a tree and the smell took me right back to Sevilla, Spain where I studied for a semester. It was the smell of the orange trees blossoming – such a sweet, intoxicating fragrance. Amazing how powerful the sense of smell is. Every day I’m in awe of the different species of trees and plants I see around me. Some are so incredibly unique. I imagine God’s delight in making such beautiful creations. I hope that in the midst of your busy weeks you too can take time to stop, be still, and enjoy the beautiful things that God has created. Here are some pictures I snapped on one of my walks!


Love these! It reminds me of the tops of pineapples


These beauties are randomly found on the side of the street


I love seeing the bright colors!


I love the palm trees of all sizes!

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