Nuestra casa es su casa

One of the reasons Julio and I were so anxious to get into our new apartment was to be able to have a place to host people. We’ve been in the apartment barely two weeks and we’ve had the privilege of having many people over for coffee, dinner, making cookies, small group Bible study, and English conversation group. We love it! Every minute of it! We love the laughter that fills our home when we are able to share time with friends. We love to have a space where people feel comfortable sharing their struggles and challenges. This past weeks’ highlights have been hosting our first English Conversation club. What a blast! It was a great group of people ¬†we’re excited to see that it’s growing (actually doubled) so we’re hosting two a week starting this week. Many of the university students and professionals here have studied English and have a good grammar base, but need the chance to practice speaking. So once a week we’ll meet to talk about a different theme. One week for example we’ll talk about food and spend some time cooking in the kitchen together. We’re excited about the doors this is opening for people who we know from the church, as well as people who’ve never stepped foot in a church to come together.

Enjoying an icebreaker activity

There was a lot of laughter as we learned new words and got to know one another


Many of the people who are participating in the English Conversation group are also participating in our core group meetings for the new church plant. We’re just in the beginning stages of gathering, getting to know one another, singing together, studying the Bible, dreaming about the future. Each time we’ve met we’ve had new people join the group. Several have never been to church, but are very interested in seeking a relationship with God. Please pray for us as we walk alongside them. Here’s a video that was taken at our last meeting. I actually got up the nerve to play guitar and lead the singing (haven’t done this in years). My favorite part of this video is Sam in the background with his guitar. Sam and Ben are in the ministry right along with us. They have new “aunts and uncles” and love having friends over to our home. Someday Sam will be leading the singing!!


[youtube id=”P1Dq9jGKdXI”]

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