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4 years…

Posted by on February 23, 2016


After four years of frequent travel, organizing and fundraising things have settled into a rhythm with Merge USA. I actually haven’t stepped foot on an airplane in almost 5 months! This morning I board for a two day trip to Pittsburg. I changed my airline preference last year and today find myself in first class as a gold member. Yeah. I got water before we took off ?. Here are some thoughts. Just because you fly first class doesn’t mean you know how to travel. Some people in first class are not rich…some are. Some are exhausted from traveling so much. But ALL need Jesus just like they did at the back of the flight (where I will be on the next flight). Missions is such a mix. Sometimes I sleep in the corner of a room on a hard floor, with or without bedding. Sometimes I am in a beautiful guest suite with fresh roasted coffee in the morning. Sometimes I have to take out my fake teeth to be relatable, sometimes I have to wear high heels and make-up! Missions and flexibility are synonyms but some think that just that usually means in schedule and time. Cultures are vast and diverse in the United States as well as around the world. The good news is so is God. He reaches each person where they are. It doesn’t matter where they sit, what the wear, or where they sleep. Is God where you are today? Have you allowed Him into the place he has allowed you to be? 4:00 am flight…thank you Lord for your presence with me and your protection over my family.

Donuts in Pittsburgh with friends.

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