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Who we are.

(Left to Right) Kelsey (12), Jen, Riley (9), Grace(1), Rudel


This is the blog for Jenifer DeCastro.  I serve as a Missionary to the United States for Merge Ministries of the Covenant World Missions.  I currently live in Chicago.  Welcome to my blog.

I have experienced contentment a few brief moments in my life.  75% of those brief moments were on mission trips.  The other 25% involved the first voluntary hugs my three children (Kelsey, Riley and Grace) gave me as toddlers and special moments with my husband of 18 years.  I love missions!   I\’m Still Yours

My Pastor recently said “A plan is something you can accomplish on your own, a vision is something you can only accomplish with God”.  God has given us a vision to unite and serve churches in the United States.

This blog will be about my journey of fulfilling a lifelong dream….a vision.  A dream to be a missionary.  A vision to partnering with churches all over the United States to serve the communities they already minister to.  People of all ages will have a safe affordable option for mission trips within the United States.

Join us on this journey!  We can’t do it without you.


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