Second and third and fourth chances at a new future

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Covenant World Relief partners with ACT for Congo in the eastern region of DR Congo near Goma. Through this partnership, a program provides a restart opportunity for young single girls who have children. It is a place for these girls to gain an education and have a better future in the end.

Mary is one of these women that attends the school. In the beginning, Mary was having trouble at the school. Mary struggled trying to stay focused and being disciplined. After many conversations and chances, she eventually had to be expelled. A few weeks later she asked the school for a second chance. Mary knew that the skills and support she was learning were making a real difference and could help change her life for the better. The school allowed her another chance, which also meant that her little girl could come back to the Children’s Space the school provided.

Mary began attending cosmetology classes regularly and learned well. Unfortunately her old habits returned. When she began skipping class, her counselor decided to visit her. Mary was found working as a hairdresser and had three other girls working with her. She had set up her business under a tarp next to her house! Mary had figured she could make more money working all day then just half. It turned out that Mary had lots of clients! Now Mary has graduated and is supporting herself and her daughter as a beautician. She knows that without her education she could not have had a better future.

–written by Polly, CWR intern.

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