India Justice and Reconciliation

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The caste system in India has been oppressing people and families for generations. It is hard to say strongly enough just how devastating the caste system is. CWR partner, Truthseekers International, sees that one way to destroy the caste system is to allow and promote inter-caste marriages. They are providing a different wedding format for these inter-caste marriages. This format allows God and the dignity of man and woman at the center of the ceremony. This format allows people to do different things that they would not traditionally be allowed to do such as exchanging vows, worshiping the Creator God, blessing the couple in their own language, an treating the bride and groom equally.

This format of a wedding was performed for a son of the former idol-carver friend of the Truthseekers International. 3500 people were fed, including representatives of over 100 surrounding villages to witness the event. The event was successful and people have started to accept these new weddings and the new families.

Truthseekers International celebrates the abandonment of the caste system and Hinduism which supports it. Truthseekers focuses instead on reconciliation between the majorities of India’s low and out castes. They celebrated by displaying the commitment through washing of several low caste leaders’ feet. Now many other leaders are leading their own footwashing and get literature and information about Jesus Christ. There were about 600 leaders present and they were replicating the caste reconciliation footwashing in many surrounding areas. Covenant World Relief is working with Truthseekers International to provide support to those belonging to the caste system of India who are looking for justice and reconciliation.


–by Polly Kalantzis, CWR intern and NPU student

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