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Fond-des-Blancs is a rural town in Haiti that has been agonized by a lack of care and education, unemployment, and natural disasters.  Several years ago, CWR was able to partner with the Haiti Christian Development Fund and through them help in the transformation of this community.  One of the projects developed was a 6-acre pilot farming system, hopefully growing to a 120-acre farm, producing multiple crops yearly.  These crops will not only provide nutrition and food security for the community, but the profits created by the sales of the crops will benefit the school’s nutrition programs as well.  As of our recent update from the HCDF, the Lhomond Farming project is green and growing well! Good progress in both construction and equipment maintenance for the farm was made over the summer.  Prayer is asked for in the safe and timely arrival of more equipment on the way, along with for the farmers that lost crops over the summer due to the late rain. 

Another project we are partnering with is Kids Helping Kids: Haiti.  In this, we are working with the L’Exode schools in Fond-des-Blancs.  The update was excited to announce the success of many students at numerous levels! 42 sixth grade students, more than ever before, were sent to take their government exams, and every student passed and will be moving on to new secondary school!  Additionally, for the first time ever, L’Exode sent 16 students to the ninth grade government exams.  All of them passed with flying colors!  Last, but not least, within the month L’Exode will be welcoming 134 three year olds into their preschool.  This will require remodeling of the church, as this is a larger amount than they’ve ever had.

Our partners in Haiti feel blessed by all the Lord is allowing them to do through the students and the farm in Fond-des-Blancs.  Prayers are always welcome and appreciated!

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