A Water Buffalo Provides New Hope

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How a gift from the Covenant Cares catalog changed a family’s future

Shiv Chandra with his family and new water buffalo in India.

Shiv Chandra with his family and new water buffalo in India.

My name is Shiv Chandra and I am from Bihar, India. Born in a low-caste family, I am reminded every day that I am poor, marginalized, and untouchable. Poverty wipes away any happiness my family has had. Because of my caste, I have not had an opportunity to go to school, to learn a trade, or even to read. It is a challenge to take care of my family members. Many times I have thought about fleeing my village, but I have not done so because of my small children.

Recently, I met Jitendra from the Hindustani Covenant Church who prayed with us about all our struggles and shared from Scripture. After a few meetings with him, he suggested that a water buffalo would bring change in our lives. It turned out to be a bright hope for all of us.

The animal is like a new blessing for us. We are now taking proper care of it and the water buffalo is giving 14 liters of milk per day. We are selling milk in the market and earning some profit. Receiving this water buffalo is like an impossible dream coming true.

We are grateful to Jitendra and the organization for the noble work done for my family and me. And now, when the buffalo gives birth to a calf, the new water buffalo will be passed along to another  family.

Learn how to make a Covenant Cares gift at CovChurch.org/covcares.

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2 comments “A Water Buffalo Provides New Hope”

Thank  you for sharing your story and thanks also to organizations such as Covenant Church who spread the goodness and happiness around. In our troubled and difficult times, gestures such as these spread positivity. The idea of giving a water buffalo is so simple, so practical and yet the impact it has on lives is so big and beneficial !

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Wow, I remember our local pastor prayed and asked us to make borewell at a specified part. While all people around our home got salt water we got good water and is still going good.

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