Ministering to Syrian Refugees

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CWR partner, Heart of Lebanon is entering a new season of ministry this fall as they serve Syrian refugees. Here are two stories, as shared by a team member of the Heart of Lebanon, displaying Christ working through the church, and the great power He has throughout the world.

“At a recent food distribution for the Christian Syrian refugees, a woman came to the Heart for Lebanon team, tears in her eyes, asking for help.  Trying to calm her tears so they could figure out what was troubling her, the team brought her in to a small room.  Here, she shared about the death of her son as a result of the violence in Syria, and how she, her daughter-in-law, and two granddaughters were forced to flee to the Bekaa Valley.  Without a male to help provide for them, this family was completely on their own and suffering from extreme poverty; when the team went to visit the family they did not even have a mat to sit on.  This family is now receiving monthly food and hygiene portions from Heart for Lebanon, and is being visited on a regular basis by the team.  During these visits they are able to spend time in the Word and encourage the family to keep their faith and grow in Christ.”

“This summer the children of the Bekaa Valley in the Non-Formal Education Program held a performance for their parents (all of whom have a Muslim background).  During this time, the children put on a skit telling the story of the Prodigal Son.  The Heart for Lebanon team was touched to watch these children come to school early, dressed, and excited to perform for their parents.  Even more touching, was seeing the parents beaming with pride and joy while watching their children achieve something that had worked so hard at; some even recorded the skit, as well as the Christian worship songs that were sung.  For many parents, this was an especially joyful time, as it is one of the few memories they have like this and being able to share it with their children made it that much more special.  Heart for Lebanon was also blessed to be able to share the Gospel to these parents through the transformational work that has been going on in the lives of their children.  This was truly a great day as, for the first time in their lives, these children were able to live out their childhood and experience what it feels like to invest in their own talents, while having their parents able to share in that achievement as well.”

What joyful stories indeed! Thank you for all the prayer and partnerships, work such as this could not be done without your partnership with CWR.

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