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BiharSurendra is a resident of Bihar, India. Since birth Surendra has been labeled as low caste and included on the state government’s Below Poverty Line or BPL list. This status has left Surendra without opportunity to move ahead or even provide for his family. CWR partners with Covenant Social Service in multiple communities across India in providing micro-finance loans and other resources for members of low caste communities.

Surendra received a micro-finance loan in order to purchase a “rickshaw”. A “rickshaw” is a small cart pulled by a person, bike, or motorized cycle as a form of taxi in many parts of the world. By being able to purchase this rickshaw, Surendra is able to have consistent work and bring home a paycheck each week to his family of seven. Through something as simple as a micro finance loan, Covenant World Relief and CSS have been able to make a sustainable change in Surendra’s everyday life. Countless other Indians who have been marginalized from birth due to their caste are receiving these small loans that end up making a huge impact in their lives and for their families.

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