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Greigra, a village in Wadi Araba, is one of the poorest areas of Jordan. The population of the village is around 5,000 people with the main source of income coming from herding sheep, goats, and camels, and participating in agriculture. About 240 families are living in a very poor area and about 70% of the population is unemployed and have no income source except from seasonal farming. The poorest families can’t afford to pay for year-round agricultural training due to the conditions of poverty.

Community values make it impossible to send women away for work or education, so a different approach was necessary to bring job training into Greigra. CWR’s partner, Food Resource Bank, is working toward a sustainable project in domestic gardening that allows these women to earn an income without disrupting their responsibilities in the home. Domestic gardens increase the income for the most vulnerable households by training women to cultivate the earth.

Fadiyeh is a 32 year-old mother of six children. Her husband has a second wife who additionally has four children. The family of 13 live together under one roof. The women are both unemployed and the husband is retired and only receives his monthly retirement salary, which is not enough to support the whole family. Fadiyeh decided to participate in Food Security Training to learn how to prepare and cultivate the land in her home garden. She is working to help increase the income of her family so her children can continue their education.

If you would like more information about Food Resource Bank, follow this link.

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