Weaving Leads to Youth Empowerment

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Gulamuddin Baba - KashmirBaba is a teacher in the carpet-making class offered for youth in northern India. The classes began a year ago for the youth of these villages. The interest among the youth to learn the skill was encouraging; within six months they could make a carpet and sell it for an income.

In the meantime, these working young people were connected with the government to receive a better carpet-making machine at a subsidized rate. The new carpet-making machine is made of metal (replacing wooden frames) and giving better results. The teacher and students can now make higher quality carpets to sell at a better rate. By now the thread, design, machine and labor is all created and operated locally. The youth are becoming self-dependent and earning a small profit with this new skill.

The classes initiated by CSS (Covenant Social Service, a ministry of the Hindustani Covenant Church) in India have inspired many youth to develop financial stability and grow in self-esteem.

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