CWR Soup Can Story: Prompted to Give

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In response to this Covenant Newswire story about CWR no longer being able to use our familiar Campbell’s soup-style label, we have received a number of touching stories about how the soup cans have touched the lives of individuals, families, and churches.

Below is a fun story about how the Johnson family in Saint Louis, MO, made an interesting discovery from using the soup can.

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to share our experience, and for allowing us to use these cans for almost 40 years. We hope our story is an encouragement and enlightenment to all who read it.

One particular time in the ‘80s we carried our little soup can banks home and made a very interesting discovery. We have since shared this observation over and over again through the years, as a testimony to how abundantly blessed we are and the need for us to share with others.

Each day we were given a “prompt” to prepare us to give. And one day the prompt was “Give a nickel for each timepiece you have.” And so we thought we would grab a few nickels and that was that. But what a powerful lesson we learned from this little bank. We seriously began counting and stopped around 50.

Just for fun we counted timepieces in our home today and here is our list:

  • Living room wall clock
  • Kitchen wall clock
  • Dining room wall clock
  • Bathroom wall clock
  • 3 phones
  • Emergency radio with clock
  • Microwave
  • Oven clock
  • 2 ceiling projection clocks
  • Wind-up alarm clock
  • Electric alarm clock
  • Computer clock
  • 9 ladies watches
  • 5 mens wrist watches
  • Ladies heirloom wristewatch
  • Men’s heirloom pocket watch
  • Ladies ring watch
  • Ladies necklace watch
  • Ladies Christmas watch
  • 2 car clocks
  • Garage clock
  • Stop watch
  • Blue Ray player
  • 2 VCRs
  • 2 DVD players
  • Weather station clock
  • 2 TVs
  • 2 Cat clocks with the side-to-side eyes and wagging tail 

We are all so blessed with time pieces…but most of us are never on time!

We are grateful that the soup cans make such an impact, both for the individuals and families who use them and for those around the world who benefit from them. If you have a story you would like to share, please send it to us at covenantworldrelief(at) or by mail to Covenant World Relief, 8303 W. Higgins Rd, Chicago, IL 60631. Thank you!

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