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We have new projects in Cameroon, Chile and Kenya and 2 projects that have entered into phase 2 in Albania and Ecuador. Here’s a summary of what’s new with CWR:

Cameroon Chickens

Poor rural farmers in western Africa are in need for the very basics in order to establish micro-business. In partnership with Torchbearers, this poultry project constructs and manages three small-scale poultry facilities for the brooding of day-old chicks which, at three weeks, are distributed to our small prayer groups we call “Torches.”

Each Torch will receive up to ten baby chicks to raise and fatten for sale in the local market. The income generated from the sale of the mature chickens is then used to help solve a need in the community that the small group has identified. For example, this may be the purchase of school fees and uniforms, the payment of medical costs for the disabled, the support of orphans, or the digging of a well.

Chile Engaging the Elderly

Through this small project with the Evangelical Covenant Church of Chile, senior adults are engaged in community service by making warm fleece blankets for those in their community who are home bound.  This project creates a space and provides an opportunity for meaningful work for a group who has been marginalized and then uses the fruit of their labor to serve those most in need in their community.


Kenya Women’s Agricultural Development

In this rural area of Western Kenya, women are marginalized and have been adversely affected by drought and conflict. The women of this community are beautiful and strong; faithful and nurturing. They have diverse capabilities and amazing potential, which remains unexplored due to a myriad of challenging social, economic, cultural, and environmental circumstances. This project will build the capacity of these women through access to resources such as income, credit, markets, agricultural inputs and training, as well as the social support they need to break free from the chains of poverty and vulnerability to drought and conflict. Their capacity is built so that they can in turn build the capacity of their family and community.

And projects entering phase 2 with CWR:

Albania Community Health

This project benefits three small villages in Albania through community development and health promotion with an emphasis on sewer construction. In these villages there is poor infrastructure, malnutrition of children, and a lack of knowledge about prevention of common diseases. Through Community Health Evangelism, a team of leaders will be promoting good health, encouraging local community development projects, and empowering new church plants to serve the needs of their community. This strategy:

  • trains local people on problem solving by doing projects and using local resources;
  • connects them with other organizations with similar goals;
  • provides training on servant leadership;
  • works with local government to resolve community problems; and
  • gives training on micro-enterprise and agriculture.

The local leaders in one community have identified the need for the construction of a sewer main in one of the villages. This village is plagued by flooding and the new sewer system will benefit approximately one hundred families.

Ecuador Agriculture

This agriculture project increases the health of the community and protects the environment. In partnership with the Covenant Church of Ecuador, a local refugee community is being trained in the growth and sale of an edible mushroom that is environmentally benevolent. The mushrooms are an alternative product to the naranjilla, a citrus fruit. The naranjilla requires pesticides and large amounts of land to grow. This new sustainable agriculture project will increase the health of the community because they will no longer need to use harsh chemicals and they will be able to stop depleting the rain forest.

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