Kelecho Gerbi Water and Sanitation Project: Working Together for a Healthier Community

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I love it when a community can come together for the benefit of the community because there are so many other benefits.  The discovery of individual gifts in each other, the camaraderie, the satisfaction of knowing there are those in the community that love it the same way.  These are the intangible benefits that cannot be put into words, but are invisible bonds when any discouraging times come.  This water and sanitation project gave that to the Kelecho Gerbi community.  It was not a free gift from the “haves” to the “have nots”, but an opportunity to work and have the sweat of the community’s brow mixed in the cement of the water tower and in the soil of the latrines.

The pride in their own work for their own sake is so much better than a free gift.  I thank God for Covenant World Relief, who understands this and provides just what is needed to give human beings the opportunity to see the gifts God placed inside of them make a difference in the lives of others.  The Water and Sanitation project is near completion.  The Kelecho Gerber community came together, in spite of the rainy season, and made it possible to bring potable water closer to their homes.  Water sanitation will go a long way in giving health to the families and children who suffer from diarrhea and related illnesses.

-by Williadean Crear, North Park Theological Seminary student

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