The Joys of the Park

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When I was a child, I loved getting to visit the parks in my city. I can remember the different playgrounds and parks vividly–the one with the best slide, the best pond and ducks, the best place to sled…I all too often took the public spaces in my city for granted. They were clean, safe and a place for our family and friends to make memories and enjoy.

One of the added benefits of a project we are doing in the Central African Republic is building a park. While this isn’t the focus of the project or even a main goal, I am so impressed that the project is truly committed to the whole community. The focus of the project is on agriculture, specifically on agricultural research and training. But, the project has set aside a large plot of land to serve as a public park. As they have reported in their recent update, they have dedicated a five acre plot as “a contribution to the people of  Gamboula as a public park. In it were planted over 200 various kinds of fruit trees and over thirty different kinds of heliconia flowers with a small picnic area to be built. Between the fruit trees were planted several types of beans, peanuts, and corn that are being tested out for possible distribution in the Gamboula area. In addition, a disease resistant variety of cassava was also planted to make available for next year.” The park will be a place of education on new types of plants and ways of farming, but it will be much more than that.

Future Park Entrance

I can just imagine the families that will enjoy this park for years to come and the memories they will have.

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