This season has been a whirlwind.  A few months back I posted about the fact that we were only going to be home one Saturday for the entire summer and let me be the first to tell you that I am so glad that we are on the other side and staring down a weekend that I hope will be complete with pancakes from our own kitchen and pajamas that will linger long into the day.


It was a great summer.  Full of new adventures and sweet time with family, reunions with long time friends and introductions to new communities interested in this crazy journey we are on.

Coming home has been full of so much tension for me.  There is so much of life on the road that I love and parts of me that come alive in which I don’t experience in life that is grounded in school and steady obligations and responsibilities.  However, there is this other part of me that longed for routine and rhythm and community in which I am known. Knowing that this is the pattern that much of our life will take, I have been trying to reconcile these experiences of life which are both so rich and meaningful and continue to form and shape who I am.  The new versus the tried and true.  The stretching versus the comfortable.  The adventurous versus the mundane.  Another lesson in balance and gratitude and contentment whatever the circumstances.

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