Well, these kids cleaned up as far as this lemonade stand fundraiser was concerned.  They truly rocked it.  And you all rocked it!  You are so great to encourage them and support our family in this fundraising process to get us to Ecuador.   The kids raised $415 at their first lemonade stand and $255 at their second for a grand total of $670!!!

We made a fun little video of the results after their first lemonade stand in August.

And things went so well that we decided to do it again and they raised another $255, for a grand total of $670 in lemonade sales!  Thanks again to all in the neighborhood who stopped by and don’t forget that you can still help us keep the fundraising ball rolling.

We are inviting others to join by:

1.  Make a matching gift!  Click to make a matching contribution for one or both of their lemonade sale days!  (or if that isn’t doable, maybe a percentage?  I realize they kinda blew this thing out of the water.)

2. Start a monthly donation!  If you have been thinking about joining in partnership and becoming one of our monthly supporters, now is the time!  Click here  to set up monthly giving and we will let B and E know that their efforts helped to spur others to join in this journey with us and the Ecuadorian Covenant Church.

The boy now has big plans for a hot chocolate venture once the weather turns cold.  He is always thinking.



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