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BREATHE is an experience that will give you a taste of a variety of spiritual practices designed to allow you time and space to hear God’s voice. Consider experiencing BREATHE as you take a walk, go out for a run, …

A Journey of Discovery

A Journey of Discovery by Addition, Subtraction and Introspection

Lent is the time in the Christian year that leads us to Easter and our celebration of the resurrection of Jesus.

This isn’t just another devotional book. This is a guide

The Feast 2011

June 25-28, 2011 Estes Park, YMCA of the Rockies, CO
We would like to have as many people as possible experience the Feast, a spiritual life experience for the whole intergenerational, multi- ethnic Covenant Family (
Consider this:

Hold Life Loosely

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Reid Olson serves on the Speaker Team and describes himself as “just a normal guy, married with 2 kids in middle school, embracing my 40’s, who thinks he hasn’t done much for transforming this world into anything monumental, but when …

YWC is Right Around the Corner!

Can you believe it? Youth Worker Connection is just around the corner. My desk is piled high with goodies, gifts, and I’m filled with great expectations. Last week a few of us went downtown to scope out the venues where …

3 Slots Left…

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…for Spiritual Direction during Connection

There is one slot left on Friday 1/28 from 3-4pm (at the Hyatt Regency Chicago), and two more slots Sunday 1/30 from 3-4pm (at North Park’s Old Main Building).

Sessions are 50 minutes long and

Relational Youth Ministry

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by: Tim Ciccone – High School Pastor – Kansas is a website/blog dedicated to navigating youth ministry better. It started with a conversation about transitioning well and now has grown to include all dimensions of this wonderful thing called

What is up, D.A.W.G.?!

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by: Ben Pease, Youth Pastor – Minnesota

Another day, another email. Another lesson to prepare, another phone call to return. Another meeting to schedule, another Facebook session. Another student to connect with, another event to plan, another parent question to


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Dr. Tim Elmore

A breakthrough way to teach leadership principles, to a post-modern student. Loaded with thirteen images, this first book in the series captures the art of self-leadership. We must lead ourselves before we try to lead anyone else.