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BREATHE is an experience that will give you a taste of a variety of spiritual practices designed to allow you time and space to hear God’s voice. Consider experiencing BREATHE as you take a walk, go out for a run, sit by a body of water, reflect in a quiet space, or one filled with activity.

Imagine Christ is with you, hearing the desires of your heart and wanting to speak to you. Listen, anticipate, savor and celebrate. We pray that BREATHE will be filled with God size surprises.


To begin each journey you will need your smart phone, Ipad or computer. Set aside 15-30 minutes. We invite you to download the free BREATHE Journal to go with the audio files by clicking here.

We hope that this resource will be something you can use in your ministry context, in your personal journey, or a resource to share with a friend.

We are thankful to be journeying with you!

If you have any questions please contact  or 773-784-3000.

A Journey of Discovery

A Journey of Discovery by Addition, Subtraction and Introspection

Lent is the time in the Christian year that leads us to Easter and our celebration of the resurrection of Jesus.

This isn’t just another devotional book. This is a guide to a 40-day journey to resurrection.

Lent? What is Lent? Is it that stuff you dig out of the depths of your pants pocket or your belly button? (No. That’s lint by the way). Maybe you think Lent is something only other churches do.

Even if you’re not familiar with Lent, you can probably agree that Easter is essential to the life of the followers of Jesus. It’s the time of year when we are intentional about retelling and rehearing the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection.

Because Christ invites His followers to not just hear about the resurrection, but to participate in it, Christians have historically taken the 40 days leading up to Easter to prepare their hearts and minds to enter the story of Jesus.

This little book is a guide…a help…a companion on the 40-day journey of prayer and Christian practice known as Lent. On this journey, you’ll practice the disciplines of addition, subtraction, and introspection so that you may more fully participate in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

This is Lent. And we take this journey because we all need resurrection.

Pre-order this book Today! Expected to ship by February 8th, 2013

The Feast 2011

June 25-28, 2011 Estes Park, YMCA of the Rockies, CO
We would like to have as many people as possible experience the Feast, a spiritual life experience for the whole intergenerational, multi- ethnic Covenant Family (
Consider this: we invest in things all the time. We invest in the latest technology, education, causes we believe in, relationships, learning and mastering new challenges. As a church we invest in our community, missions, compassion, mercy, and justice. We invest in discipleship by mentoring, teaching, and caring for others. We invest in the spiritual walks of children, youth and adults.

As a church, please consider investing in a child, a youth, a young adult, a couple, a young family or a retiree. Invest in their faith walk and encourage them in their journey by sending them to the Feast. The Feast is a unique opportunity to do life together and experience the best of who God has made us to be… and embody the Kingdom of God!

In an effort to make these gatherings more accessible, we’ve made some adjustments to registration costs; keep reading! Continue Reading »

Hold Life Loosely

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Reid Olson serves on the Speaker Team and describes himself as “just a normal guy, married with 2 kids in middle school, embracing my 40’s, who thinks he hasn’t done much for transforming this world into anything monumental, but when God speaks through me, it’s fun to watch Him use me like a tool to do His ‘thing’. That’s all.”

In March he put pen to paper, scratch that, he put his fingers on the home keys and got to typing a blog post.  Since writing the post a few things have transpired…here is what he has to say about the time between then and now:

Since writing this article, I’ve been released from my ministry position as Pastor of Students at Pine Lake Covenant. I revisit this article often as the Lord continues to speak to me about His prompting in writing it. I had no idea that life would transpire as it has, but I have truly been able to live out this blog post in more ways than one.

I know that God is working in the lives of our family. I know that God will not abandon us. I know that holding things loosely in my life is really the only way to find sanity and stability. I often feel like I want to grab at the controls again and squeeze tightly the things I want to control, but the more I squeeze, the less control I really have over anything.

God is teaching me the reality of trusting His lead, sometimes in more ways that are uncomfortably not how I’d like to learn to trust. When I recall the characters in Scripture, I’m reminded that they didn’t get much of the easy way of faith either, so I suppose we’re all in good company.

Please pray for our family as we seek God’s next call for us. After summer sabbatical we are looking for a lead pastor position… Will preach for food. :)

Click here to read his blog post entitled “Hold Life Loosely”.

YWC is Right Around the Corner!

Can you believe it? Youth Worker Connection is just around the corner. My desk is piled high with goodies, gifts, and I’m filled with great expectations. Last week a few of us went downtown to scope out the venues where we’ll worship and learn together…I cannot express how pumped I am! Chicago-style pizza, the Chicago river, Michigan Avenue, Chicago Cultural Arts Center, University of Chicago’s Gleacher Center, North Park University, iPad giveaways, youth workers from throughout the country, and IT ISN’T TOO LATE TO REGISTER! You won’t want to miss this. See you soon!

Want to see where we’ll be? Continue Reading »

3 Slots Left…

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…for Spiritual Direction during Connection

There is one slot left on Friday 1/28 from 3-4pm (at the Hyatt Regency Chicago), and two more slots Sunday 1/30 from 3-4pm (at North Park’s Old Main Building).

Sessions are 50 minutes long and since availability is limited requests will be accommodated on a first come, first serve basis. Only one session per person please. If you’re interested in signing up, click here and complete the form.

Relational Youth Ministry

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by: Tim Ciccone – High School Pastor – Kansas is a website/blog dedicated to navigating youth ministry better. It started with a conversation about transitioning well and now has grown to include all dimensions of this wonderful thing called “Youth Ministry”. This blog is a place where everyone committed to seeing teenagers grow in their relationship with Jesus is welcome to come and participate in the conversation. That might be you, the full time Youth Pastor, the Youth Ministry major in college, the seminarian preparing for full time ministry, the volunteer small group leader or chaperone, the Pastor’s spouse, or even the Senior Pastor looking to understand Youth Ministry better.
Continue Reading »

What is up, D.A.W.G.?!

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by: Ben Pease, Youth Pastor – Minnesota

Another day, another email. Another lesson to prepare, another phone call to return. Another meeting to schedule, another Facebook session. Another student to connect with, another event to plan, another parent question to field. Oh, and another time in prayer and in God’s Word. Continue Reading »


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Dr. Tim Elmore

A breakthrough way to teach leadership principles, to a post-modern student. Loaded with thirteen images, this first book in the series captures the art of self-leadership. We must lead ourselves before we try to lead anyone else.

Today’s student is EPIC: Experiential, Participatory, Image- driven and Connected.

See how “Habitudes” enables you to teach leadership in groups in an experiential and memorable way: using pictures and exercises. The Art of Self-Leadership covers the following topics: character, discipline, balance, commitment, time management, emotional security, core values, personal networks, mental toughness, responsibility, and discipline.

Full product details can be found here.