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Visit to grieving family in Pagak

Visit to grieving family in Pagak

Reposted from Peter and Cynthia Ekstrand’s blog

Ekstrands in Congo: Glimples, Profound and Mundane, Into Our Life


“We are so grateful you came to see us again.” said Tebisa, a woman in Fangak.  “I remember your first visit when you stayed with the commissioner [in 2009].  Only James [Tang] has come back before, but now you have returned.  I am very encouraged.  May your stay be filled with peace.  May the dust on your feet be peace for us.”

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Teaching in Congo

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Covenant missionary to the Czech Republic, Fred Prudek, was just in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo), teaching at the seminary there. Sounds like he had a wonderful trip! Continue Reading »

Mbote Mingi

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By Karen Hallberg, Director of Mission Mobilization and Connection

Mbote mingi – (from what I remember, that means “big hello” in Lingala).

On October 6, I had the privilege of leading a Vision Trip to Congo with Covenant missionary, Keith Gustafson. Mission in Congo has been part of the Evangelical Covenant Church (ECC) for over 70 years, but with the Civil War in 1997, staff were unable to live in country. That has since changed. Seven missionaries live in Bokonzo and Karawa, Keith still commutes from Seattle, and there are three more short-term missionaries preparing to go. Continue Reading »

Thanksgiving Harvest

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By Sharon Davis, Covenant missionary to Cameroon

Sharon Davis (left) with a friend in Cameroon

On September 12, I moved from Yaoundé (in the Central region of Cameroon) to Bamenda (in the Northwest region of Cameroon). I moved from a Francophone region, French speaking, to an Anglophone region, English speaking.

My first Sunday in Bamenda, I worshipped at Nkwen Baptist Church. Nkwen church is a large church with two Sunday services, two mass choirs, the English mass choir and the Vernacular choir, a praise team and several other choirs that sing in various native dialects. Continue Reading »

Hope in Kenya

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By Covenant missionaries Pete and Cindy Ekstrand


Eric is seven years old and is in first grade. He was constantly moved from one place to another as his family looked for a safe place to live. They have found peace in Kenya and have been welcomed with love by the Kitengela Covenant Church. Eric lives with his parents and five brothers and sisters, plus another five children who lost their parents in the war in the Democratic Republic of Congo so there are 13 people in his family. Eric is one of many Congolese refugee children who have arrived in Kenya over the last several years. Continue Reading »

Fields of Corn in South Sudan

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This article was originally posted on Pete and Cindy Ekstrand’s blog.

Corn growing in South Sudan

Thanks to the partnership between the Evangelical Covenant Church of South Sudan (ECCSS) and Community Covenant Church in Scotts Valley, CA, fields of corn are growing well in South Sudan.

Community Covenant initiated an agricultural project with the ECCSS several years ago and this is the beautiful result. Yes, there have been some delays along the way, including the need to fence the property, but through patience and persistence the corn is growing. Continue Reading »

Nutrition and an Experiment

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This article was originally posted on Marta Klein’s blog. She is a Covenant missionary serving in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo).

First sprouts of Moringa – only 9 days after planting.

This past week have been some good developments in an experiment that the other missionaries and I have been doing. There are so many people here, particularly children, that suffer from malnutrition. There is a plant, Moringa, that grows locally, that is very beneficial for people that have malnutrition. Continue Reading »

Covenant Missionary Leads Conference in South Sudan

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This information is from Covenant Newswire, originally posted on June 16, 2011

JUBA, SUDAN  – James Tang, an Evangelical Covenant Church missionary, has been asked to lead a conference of representatives from main faith and ethnic groups in South Sudan who are gathering to address rapidly escalating violence in their country.

The Nairobi Sudanese Unity of Churches (NSUC) has organized the gathering, which will take place several days before the birth of the Republic of South Sudan on July 9. Covenant World Relief is providing some funding. Continue Reading »

Polio Vaccinations in DR Congo

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By Peter and Cindy Ekstrand, Covenant missionaries to the Democratic Republic of Congo. This is an entry on their blog.

Animator with microphone and external power supply

On Thursday last week, we traveled to Bogose-Konu where we observed the kick-off for the second phase of the polio vaccination campaign. The local health center had been publicizing this day well ahead of time, so there were a lot of mothers and small children showed up.

One part of the publicity was to have this “animateur” go through the village with his loudspeaker telling them when to come and singing an anti-polio song. He repeated this before the moms and kids. It was great!  Continue Reading

Southern Sudanese, Delivering Aid, Are Killed in Ambush

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KHARTOUM, Sudan (Reuters) — About 40 southern Sudanese soldiers and civilians were killed when tribal fighters ambushed boats carrying food aid, the latest in a string of ethnic attacks threatening a fragile peace deal, officials said Sunday.

Members of the Jikany Nuer group opened fire Friday on 27 boats loaded with emergency rations destined for an area controlled by the rival Lou Nuer tribe, the United Nations World Food Program said.

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Published: June 14, 2009