Congo’s Camp Zulu is Growing!

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MERCI MINGI to all the Covenant Campers and the Camp Staff for ALL they gave last summer for the Zulu Camp Project in Congo. Over $50,000 was raised to help build a kitchen and dining hall at Camp Zulu. Repair …

Serve Globally to change name

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Al Tizon, Executive Minister of Serve Globally, has been busy planning how to move forward this important priority of the church. When news came about this winter about the possible discovery of a 9th planet in our solar system, Al’s …

Midwinter 2016 Recap

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Midwinter 2016 was nothing short of a success and it was beneficial to all who attended. This year’s theme of “Make and Deepen Disciples” was woven through the many events held during the last week of January in Chicago. There

Burros and Mangos

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   Almost every day we receive a visitor to our house. She comes by walking with her nanny and she walks up our front walk in order to greet our little burro flowerpot. Sometimes we hear her in front and have


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“…our imagination for sin and disaster is much stronger than our imagination for God’s reconciling love and holiness. We are still taking our cues from the old age, not the new. The moral failure story triumphs over the transformation now

All I want for Christmas!

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covcares 2015As we approach the Christmas season we find ourselves asked the question of “What do you want for Christmas?” If you aren’t a grandparent merely wishing to add to the adorable collection of family photos, we often find ourselves slightly …

Planting Hope With Covenant Cares

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farm-starter-v2Bernard Bekosso is a mover and a shaker wherever he calls home. He and his wife, Sidoni, raised a large family in a village not too far from the farm where Covenant missionaries, Roy and Aleta Danforth, live, in the …


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Celebrate the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty with us on Saturday October 17th by clicking on the image below and making a gift to help children in Colombia, India, Congo and South Sudan escape poverty.Support Cov Kids

What will you do next summer?

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Merge teamTrying to figure out how you can engage yourself, your family, or your church in missions next summer? Check out the opportunities to get involved with Merge Ministries at Merge offers fully customizable mission trips throughout the year. …

Step Into Congo

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When Annika Steib was in fourth grade she heard someone at Portage Lake Bible Camp talk about missions—and she knew right away that she wanted to be a missionary. “I like people, and I like helping them.