Paschal Greeting

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Today’s post is written by Matt Nightingale, Director of Worship Ministries at Redeemer Covenant Church in Tulsa, OK.

It’s my turn to write the Better Together blog post. I didn’t get to it on Friday because I was neck-deep in Good Friday prep. So here I sit. It’s all over, this huge weekend we worship folks anticipate for months… What should I write about?

I could write about the camaraderie I experience as part of the Better Together group on Facebook. These busy seasons tend to draw us worship leaders even closer together as we navigate the highs and lows of ministry life.

I could write about the cosmic implications of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection… or the implications that they have had on my one small life.

I could write about the weeks of preparation, the countless hours spent by staff and volunteers to pull off an Ash Wednesday service, five Sundays of Lenten-themed worship services, Palm Sunday services, a Taizé service, a two-day prayer labyrinth experience, a Good Friday communion service, two Easter egg hunts, a baptism service, and Easter Sunday services at Redeemer Covenant Church.

I could write about the strange mixture of gratitude, exhaustion, joy, sadness and renewal that I feel right now, sitting in my dark, quiet office after everyone has gone home.

But instead of taking any more time to think about what I could write about (my wife and kids are waiting at home and I’ve been gone too much lately), I think I’ll simply write seven simple words that Christians have used for millenia, words that really matter, words whose meaning will reverberate throughout the universe for all time:

He is risen! He is risen indeed!



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