Dear Friends and Support Team,

Cartoon Car 2

Just a brief note this morning to request any leads you may have regarding a car that we could buy, lease, or borrow during our home assignment. It doesn’t have to be as spiffy as the one pictured here. Thanks to a few of you who have already responded to our last bulletin regarding this item. Here’s some data:

  • At least 5-passenger
  • Dependable
  • We hope to begin using it in the Chicago area from around July 22 this summer. We’ll use it there until the middle of August and then drive it west, visiting relatives and supporters along the way. We will continue to use it in the Seattle area on home assignment until July of 2015.
  • We’re open to consider traveling to various locations to pick it up.
  • We’re not wealthy but we have a reasonable budget and our Father owns the cattle on a thousand hills….

We’d love to hear from you soon if you have any ideas!

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