A Valentine Present02.17.11

Valentine’s Day evening I attended a forum on missions in downtown Tokyo put on by the Japan Evangelical Missionary Association. JEMA membership is predominantly English speaking, white, and culturally western. To my surprise and delight, none of the four presenters …

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Hope Out Of Hell12.07.10

Christmas. Light in a dark place. Good out of bad, hope out of hell.

One of my first cross-cultural encounters was teaching ESL to Cambodian refugees in Chicago. Every week, fifteen older men and women would shuffle into the makeshift …

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「急がば回れ」 If You’re In A Hurry…. 09.22.10

Who’s not in a hurry these days? Quicker ways to pay your bills, better apps for your phone and computer, healthier fast food so you can have less guilt about eating on the run. One of the first proverbs I …

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Growing up, I loved Monopoly. Something about the competition, the thrill of imagining what my life would feel like if I really did own all those expensive places and have all that money and power made me feel good. And …

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