Congo’s Camp Zulu is Growing!

MERCI MINGI to all the Covenant Campers and the Camp Staff for ALL they gave last summer for the Zulu Camp Project in Congo. Over $50,000 was raised to help build a kitchen and dining hall at Camp Zulu. Repair to other buildings and new doors were also added to the chapel.5-New Chapel Doors


We ask this year’s campers to PLEASE PRAY for us as we work on getting as much done as possible for this summer’s camp season (July 17-Aug. 13)


Here is a photo of the foundation going in for the Dining Hall/Kitchen part of the Zulu Camp Project.  We hope it will be encouraging for campers at Covenant Camps this summer to see what we’re doing with their generous gifts from last summer. camp zulu dining hall


We’d hoped to get columns and roof up to make at least a ‘hangar’ for the cooks to prepare food and kids to eat under but that may not happen for this summer’s camp season :-(Without modern equipment it’s slow going to move sand gravel and rocks plus break rocks, mix and pour cement, and mold cement bricks.

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