365 days, 12 months, a whole year… Already????

Serving and loved in Argentina. One year ago today I was in the middle of my travels. Moving from Nelson,BC to Bariloche,Argentina. From the far North to the far South Max always said. My remaining material possessions boxed in storage, klrs and kayaks left with friends, 4 suitcases with me. Wow, a year already. Learning castellano, adapting to a new culture, learning/accepting and walking forward in this new life. Being taught an even deeper sense of faith and trust as I surrender even more to walk across those rickety bridges and around the corner where I can’t see where the path goes. I still don’t agree with the fact that my best friend isn’t here to share these memories but I get to see the impact he had. I get to see how God used our time here before. I get to honor Max. I get the opportunity to wholeheartedly say Yes Lord, your will not mine. Its not always easy to do this, but I am so grateful for friends and family, all around the world. And I am especially grateful for my family here, walking alongside me, sometimes picking me up, but mostly for living life together. Here’s to being home.

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