No Es Porque…. Es Para Que

Estad siempre gozosos.  Orad sin cesar.  Dad gracias en todo, porque ésta es la voluntad De Dios para con vosotros en Christo Jesús. 1 Tesalonicenses 5:16-18.

Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.  1Thessalonians 5:16-18


The main lake – Lago Nahuel Huapi, hiking Cerro Neumeyer with Marcela and Joaquim.

October used to equal fall and fall is my favourite season.  Now, October equals spring – still a wonderful season, a bit the same with cool mornings and warm afternoons and still some rain and snow, but not quite the same.  I have put away the winter jacket rather than pulling it out and the sandals might even come out soon.

This month brought about the end of the first year of this new life.  A life that I never imagined living.  It is officially a year since I had my own home – I am grateful for everyone who has let me stay with them and provided a home for me during this transition.  I am still a missionary, just not with my best friend at my side.  I am living in a different country, a different culture, a different language and it is here that I will have my first home on my own in almost 30 years.  There is something special about this next step.

This month was a busy month of school, ministry and processing/embracing some tough days.  Together, Norma, Hector and myself celebrated Max’s birthday.  I enjoyed a latte and did my homework at our coffee spot.  Yes, I enjoyed… en dentro de esta dia hubo gozo….. in the middle of this day there was joy…. En…Joy… My heart continues to heal and there is a solid Hope and Joy in the midst of this life. I haven’t always rejoiced, I haven’t always given thanks FOR these circumstances, I haven’t always prayed continually; but I am experiencing more and more, that I can rejoice, I can have joy, I can be thankful IN these circumstances.  I no longer ask Why Lord but instead ask What is your purpose in this, How are you working in this.  This month also brought about some new routines.  Having a latte or lunch in a cafe by myself.  A daily walk along the lake and learning to find the solitude and rest amongst the noise and crowds.

I was officially welcomed to Argentina at the Asemblea in Jacobaci and there is no question that I am where I belong.  All of the Covenant churches here are part of my family; some more than others – and I think all of Argentina knows which church is my home church.  This is such an extroverted culture and I am such an introvert.  There were moments of deep breaths while wanting to hide; but I know that Max was part of the cheering that happened.

Spanish school is continuing and I am advancing.  I even had my first exam.  The residency process is just that – a process; but bit by bit it is progressing.

I am going to be renting my own apartment in December and while it is still on the same property as where I am currently living; it will be my own space, independence you might say.  We’ve had some interesting conversations about my need to live on my own; and we’ve had some laughter in the process.  This is the next big step in this new life; it is a necessary step; and I am wanting it and looking forward to it.  The first week of November we started shopping for things I’ll need and I think Mamma Norma is enjoying this.

Ministry opportunities continue to grow and evolve and I am praying about which will be the best fit; where and how am I to serve.  Ministry is part of daily life; being present with others – in school, at church, over mate and food – it is sharing life’s day to day ‘stuff’, the good and the bad, it is sharing about Christ.

The conversations also include the issues in Argentina such as legalizing abortion, the economy and protests, gender vocabulary and so much more.  This month there were transit protests, government protests and marches and employee protests.  A picket line here consists of a pile of burning tires at the entrance to the parking lot along with the employees protesting.  This seems to be a common occurrance at Change Mas which is the Walmart Argentina.

Spring also brings about road repairs but mainly in the downtown core.  The barrios have dirt roads, and I’ll never complain about the potholes in Nelson – you can at least drive around them.  Here some streets are so full of deep potholes that the only way to avoid them is to drive on the sidewalk.

November will consist of a time of retreat and recharging, more school of course, attending the Asemblea in Uraquay and supporting the churches there and defining more ministry.

I am excited to receive friends from Canada and I am looking forward to having many of you come and experience Argentina.  I have a large list of many who expressed their desire to come and serve with me – I wonder who the first Canadian Church will be to visit their Canadian Covenant Missionary in Argentina….

For those of you who WhatsApp with me, I have switched over to my Argentine number – so please contact me if you don’t have my new number.  I also have a mailing address in Argentina now.

Prayer and Praise

I will forever be thankful and grateful for each and everyone of you.  For your prayers, your support, your friendship and your presence in my life.

Praise and gratefulness for the ECCC and the ECC – it is exciting, wonderful and I am humbled to be a part of this family – to be a Canadian Covenant Missionary! I am proud to be an ambassador for Christ with the Covenant!

Praise for an apartment and how that process is going and the blessing that it will be.

Prayer requests include:  the residency process, continued learning and studies

Prayer for the continued ministry here and a clearer view of my role in it.

Prayers for the time at the Asemblea, for travels for all and for the leadership of the IPEA

Prayers for Argentina as they face economic issues, and for the churches as they respond

Prayers for IPEA – they are focused on vitality and missions

Prayers for the Covenant churches in Uraquay that were planted by IPEA.

Praise for the language I am learning

Praise for the family and friends that I have here

Praise and prayers for the funding that has come in and for the fulfillment of pledges to begin.  For the commitments that have been made, prayer support and financial support

Support Options

I’d love to connect with you all.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about anything – Visiting your church, Missions, Argentina, ServeGlobally, Prayer Support, Financial Support

From Canada:

Mail your donation:
Evangelical Covenant Church of Canada
PO Box 23117
RPO McGillivray, Winnippeg, MB
R3T 5S3

write “Global-Argentina” in memo

– select Global Argentina

Etransfer to
– write “Global-Argentina” in memo

Online at …

From USA
Evangelical Covenant Church
8303 West Higgins Road
Chicago, IL   60631

write “Colleen Nahnychuk Support” in memo


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