Annual Meeting Pictures

This last weekend Josh spent 3 days meeting with leaders of the Ecuadorian Covenant Church. Naomi spent those days running around making sure the event turned out as well as it could.

There was a beautiful service Friday night recognizing the ordination of a number of local pastors. It was beautiful to see their hard work and commitment rewarded and to see their fellow brothers and sisters surround them to bless and pray for them.

Here are a few photos and then a link to the web page to see more.

Josh and Henry Burbano (the president of the Covenant Church here).


DSC_6334asamblea_viernes_www DSC_6424asamblea_VIERNES-www

Curt Peterson, Covenant World Mission’s President, came down for part of the weekend and participated in the service. Here is a portion of our missionary team.



Curt is (sadly) preparing to retire this year and so the local church here had a time of prayer and gratitude, recognizing his faithful service. DSC_6500-www



Click here to see more photos

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