Loving a Hurting Church

“I just really appreciate you and the time you’ve spent with us, and I don’t want you to go.” said a teary eyed brother in Christ as we were leaving his home after hours of sitting with him and his wife. They are the main leaders of the hurting church. They were needing some serious care. It was such a privilege to sit as brothers and sisters, hearing them out, letting him cry, and showing support and love, listening, counseling, problem solving and praying with them.  Pray for this dear family as they strive to be faithful to lead in the church and at the same time endeavor to nurture their own family.

We spent over a week with this church and this brother arranged meetings and drove us to various church families’ homes to listen, learn and offer counsel and perspective on their situation. There were frustrations, questions and towards the end of most meetings, understanding, healing and prayer.

Because of your support we are able to go and minister to those in need, sharing God’s patience and love with hurting families. Thank you for touching lives with your prayers and financial support, thank you for being involved in sharing Christ’s hope to the world.


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