After crossing the city numerous times in taxis, hunting down paperwork, taking a driver’s ed class, getting my blood type officially recorded, taking the test at the DMV I now proudly can say I have my Ecuadorian Driver’s License!!  I had to keep reminding my efficiency-geared self to roll with the delays and accept that life moves at a different pace here. It was a learning process and hopefully it brought me a few steps closer to cultural adaptation along the way.

Right hand turns from the left lane, lack of use of directionals, riding the lane line, using hand signals to indicate a merge… these quirks are all a part of the flow of the road around here… thankfully I remember the rule I was taught back in Indonesia when learning to drive: “The three rules are: Go slow, go slow, and when you are done with that, go slow.” With that chill unhurried mindset (that applies to life in general, actually) I will maneuver my way through Quito’s crowded streets.



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