Thursday, October 16th

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Today was another busy day for sports in the Peterson family.

Miles and I drove to Denver early this morning to the Colorado High School Boys 5A Championship Tournament. He was playing in the 1st singles division which meant he and the other top 15 high school players in the state were competing. He had one of those epic matches that lasted 2 hours and 30 minutes. He won the first set 6-3. The second set was a see-saw battle that went to a tie breaker and he came up short. In the third set he sort of ran out of steam as his opponent captured the momentum and took it 6-3. It wasn’t the result he had hoped for, but he played well and was honored to have made it that far.

We drove back to the Springs to watch Kendra and her volley ball team play their last game of the season. They won convincingly. The last point was actually rather comical. Kendra was serving, and it looked like her serve was going long, so the girl on the receiving end tried to duck out of the way. The problem was that the ball was coming at her faster than she expected and it hit her in the head. Point for the Spartans, set and match! Everyone gave Kendra a bad time, but a win is a win!

We are finally done with fall sports! Congratulations to Miles, Kendra and Eli! At last we will get to enjoy some quiet evenings at home… at least until the next season starts up!

One final sports event of the day. This morning Hydi flew to Arizona for the weekend. She and her team mates from Colorado Springs are playing in the national championships of the USTA Ladies 4.5 tennis tournament after having won the state tournament and the West regional tournament! Go Hydi!

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First time I have ever been on a blog. I enjoyed seeing all the pictures: Jim’s Aspen trees and mountains, VB, BB you tube and Tennis. I’m impressed with the skills. [Miles, be careful of not getting in a bad habit of foot faults. 🙂 ]. I didn’t see anything on Hydi’s tennis or Jim’s basketball. By the way Jim, I know Dobson use to get together with some real good players to play BB at lunch (I think some were pro’s). Just in case you want to step up a notch. 🙂
I also enjoyed the Sojourner’s link and article with Pastor Cho and another view of pro-life. Thanks.
I wish all of you some rest as you worship together and take care of business at school before a busy winter sports season. Does the family travel with Jim when he goes to other churches to talk?

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